The Novels of Jessie Redmon Fauset

In November of 2020, I was listening to the New Books in African America Studies podcast. The episode featured Dr. Julia S. Charles and it was a discussion about how the concept of passing for white was used in literature by Black people. At the end of the podcast Dr. Charles mentioned that she was working on a biography of Jessie Redmon Fauset. She briefly shared how Fauset played a leading role in the development and publishing of the greats of the Harlem Renaissance. This small bit of information sparked a burning desire to learn more about Jessie Redmon Fauset. I turned to the web and found out more information and that all her novels were available. I also found another podcast by MSNBC that featured Dr. Charles and author Morgan Jenkins that provides even more information about Jessie Redmon Fauset and my desire to read her books and share them became a passion.

I reached out to fellow book loving friends and asked them to join me on this journey through Fauset's novels and they graciously and enthusiastically agreed. You can find all the great conversations I had about Fauset's books below. Please join us on this journey.